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Origins of Chinese Art and Craft BHT129


Ever hard-working and resourceful, the Chinese have always explored various raw materials to provide for their daily necessities. In the process, they invented things of practical use (mirrors and umbrellas) and economic value (silk and porcelain). In fact, their porcelain became so well loved that Westerners decided to call the country that produced china 'China'!

Today, China's great treasury also contains bronzeware, jade carving, embroidery, ornamental knots, paper cuttings, snuff bottles and face masks.

Learn about these interesting details and more:

  • The silk Route as well as the Pottery and Porcelain Route of old China.
  • The multitude of Chinese characters and idioms related to jade.
  • Bronze artefacts unearthed at Qin Burial site.

Paperback, English, 152 pages, 8.25"x6"
Item: Origins of Chinese Art and Craft
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