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Origins of Chinese Names BHT147


Chinese names are rich in meaning and reflect the history, culture and aspirations of one of the world's oldest civilizations. Such names come in many forms and while they may seem bewildering to the uninitiated, there is usually logic behind the naming process. This book aims to enlighten readers on how Chinese names come about. As you dip into the pages, you will find out the origins of 100 Chinese family names, and understand how names are chosen. It may fascinate you to know that Chinese family names have a history of five or six thousand years, whilst given names are not chosen randomly but reflect the customs and beliefs of the times. As the book covers the entire span of recorded Chinese history from the past to the present, you will find it an eye-opener as a reference manual and a delightful source of little-known facts. The stories in the Origins series are depicted in a comic book style, which makes them very appealing to children who want to learn more about Chinese culture.

Illustrated by Fu Chunjiang, Paperback, English, 162 pages, 8.25"x6"
Item: Origins of Chinese Names
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