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China Panorama Approaching Chinese 3 BLA006


This textbook is designed for the non-native Chinese language beginner. "China Panorama, Approaching Chinese 3" consists of 10 lessons, which are divided into three parts. The first two parts introduce new language items and combine them with corresponding practice opportunities. The third part is composed of reviews and exercises from the chapter: new words, pattern drills, comprehensive exercises, and pronunciation drills.  You can also learn about Chinese culture in the special section entitled "A Glimpse of Modern Chinese Culture." Once you have completed the three volume set of "China Panaroma", you will have a command of approximately 1,000 basic words, 200 sentence patterns and 3,000 commonly used sentences.  You can also learn "China Panorama" through the audio cassettesVCD. and CD-Rom.   


  1. What is the trouble with you?  I have a serious stomachache. The window is open.
  2. What are you doing?  Let's find a housemaid.  Let me do the room.
  3. How did you come?  Where is the stop for Bus No. 332?  I drive my own car to go there. 
  4. Help me with the photocopying.  In that case, I will invite you some other day.  Unfortunately my Dad has just left.
  5. To post a parcel.  Do you want to draw out some money?  Please show me your papers.
  6. I want to book a room.  Could you tell me what trains I can take from Beijing to Guangzhou?  I want to subscribe to a copy of the People's Daily. 
  7. We have an English examination this weekend.  I plan to take the entrance examination for graduate studies.  I will finish it before I take a rest.
  8. It is more convenient to join a tourist group.  Wishing you a good journey.  I only remember that her surname is Wu.
  9. Why don't you look happy?  I have had good luck.  I have kept you waiting too long.
  10. Why have you given us New Year greetings so early?  Wishing you happiness and prosperity.  You are more and more concerned about environmental protection. 

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, English & Pinyin, 278Pages, 8.25'' x 11.25''
Item: China Panorama Approaching Chinese 3
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