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New Chinese Situational Dialogues BLA080


This set revised popular textbooks teaches students learn to speak Chinese in their daily life, starting arriving China from the airport, to going to the hotel, shopping, making phone calls, going to post office, bank, restaurant, hospital, internet cafe, and more. Each lesson consists of conversations, vocabularies (in English/Japanese/Korean), drills explanations, exercises. In simplified character. A great textbook not only for Chinese language students, but also for anyone who plans to travel to China. Each book includes 2 CD. Price is for a set of 1 book and 2 CDs.


Book 1:

1. Hello, Bai Lan.  2. See you tomorrow. 3. Thank you. 4. Asking where the friendship hotel is? 5. Where are you going? 6. Let me introduce. 7. Are you British? 8. Could you please help me? 9. I'm sorry. 10. Behind you. 11. Excuse me, how do I get to...  12. How many Chinese teachers? 13. How much? 14. What time is it? 15. What is the date today?  16. You can call his mobile(1);  17. You can call his mobile(2);  18. Come in, please!  19. Is is delicious? 20. How long? How wide? How high?  21. Let's go out. 22. I'm going to the post office. 23. What is your ocupation? 24. I want to book one ticket. 25. Welcome you back. 26. What will the weather be like tomorrow? 27. I plan to work in a bank. 28. What is your opinion of her? 29. I feel weak all over. 30. It's colorful, how beautiful!

Book 2:

1. Let's get to know each other. 2. I really don't know how to thank you. 3. I'm really sorry. 4. Could you introduce me to him? 5. Could you help me, please? 6. Can you tell me how to get there? 7. Can I help you? 8. Get a fashion Mobile phone. 9. It would be a pleasure to have you over to my house. 10. May I take your order? 11. It is beautiful here! 12. When shall we meet again? 13. Please don't...  14. Why this way? 15. What does he look like? 16. What do you think? 17. Listen to the weather forecast. 18. You should go to the hospital. 19. Pay attention to diet health care. 20. Let's go to the gym! 21. Where should we go for travel? 22. Why don't get a car! 23. Send a short message to congratulate him. 24. Life on the net is briuiant. 25. He likes to have normal life. 26. Do you like pets? 27. How to spend this holiday? 28. Goodbye, Beijing!

By Chen Ru, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, Pinyin, English, 8.3? x 11.25?, Book1:192 pages, 2CDs; Book2:186 pages, 2 CDs
Item: New Chinese Situational Dialogues
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