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Everyday Science - Chemistry (7 Books) BLC079


Everyday Science - Chemistry covers a variety of chemical phenomena and principles, such as water, oxidation, dissolve, burning and fire, mixture, the composition and nature of air, objects and substances. The stories are accompanied by fun and simple language and lively pictures. Furthermore, these pictures are highly detailed and further clarify the topics covered. Children will find chemical explanations to the chemical phenomena occurring around them. Scientific experiments and information are also included in each story. Get the companion series The Interesting Physics too.


Book Titles:
Visible Water, Invisible Water (小水滴的魔法—水的旅程)
Oxygen Is My Friend (谁更喜欢氧气—氧化)
The Secret of the Missing Sugar (白糖消失事件—溶解)
The Big Burning Flames (舞动的精灵—燃烧与火)
Everything Is a Mixture (神秘的间谍—混合物)
Air Is Everywhere (空气无处不在—空气的构成和性质)
What are they Made of? (它们是用什么做的呢—物体与物质)

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 33 pages/book, 8.25"x7.5"
Item: Everyday Science - Chemistry (7 Books)
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