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Microexplorers Series (4 Books) BLC902


Everyone gets into Professor Gene's MicroMachine, which shrinks its passengers until they are small enough to enter the body and encounter cells, see internal organs and structures, and understand the machinery that keeps the body alive. Please click here for Individual book descriptions


Book Titles:
The Cell Works 嗨,勤劳的细胞
How the Y Makes the Guy X和Y,男孩还是女孩?
Ingenious Genes 探索基因的奥秘
Your Body's Heroes and Villains 人体里的英雄和坏蛋

By Patrick A. Baeuerle and Norbert Landa, Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 31 pages/book, 10.5"x9"
Item: Microexplorers Series (4 Books)
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