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18 Degree Space Reader Series BLE115


In conjunction with the Singapore Ministry of Education new reading programme, 18 Degree Space Reader Series promises to bring kids a whole new reading experience. With a total of 18 volumes, each volume comprises 18 stories handpicked and written by Chinese Language teachers from schools in Singapore. Illustrated by local artists who specialise in children's books, the books with the colourful layout will captivate the children. Six activities that focus on various teaching points are also included to encourage the active participation and interaction for effective learning. Volumes 7 to 18 are coming soon. participation and interaction for effective learning. Volumes 10 to 18 are coming soon.Get our My Thematic Dictionary, Learn Chinese with Fun Core Reader 1, Learn Chinese With Fun Graded Readers 2, Guided Reader - Happy Reading Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 too!

-- Every volume resembles a gaming stage and every stage is an adventure. Through "clearing" the 18 stages, the children will be able to improve their language skills progressively.
-- Specially designed by school teachers, these fun-filled activities target the language weaknesses of children. Aimed at engaging parent-children interaction, learning can now continue after school.
-- Vibrant and eye-catching, children will simply love the illustrations which are specially conceptualised to attract their attention.
-- "e弟" and "a娃", the two main characters of the whole series whom children can count on to share some good times together.


Book Titles:
1.Island 1度空间--岛
2.Ocean 2度空间--海洋
3.Prairie 3度空间--草原
4.Forest 4度空间--森林
5.Desert 5度空间--沙漠
6.Snow City 6度空间--雪城
7.Four Seasons Mountains 7度空间--四季山
8.Black Swamp 8度空间--黑沼泽
9.New City 9度空间--新奇城市
10.Fancy Sky 10度空间--奇幻天空
11.Ancient World 11度空间--古世界
12.Mysterious College 12度空间--异度学院

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters with Pinyin and English dictionary, 82-96 pages,7.5"x10.25"
Item: 18 Degree Space Reader Series
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