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Chinese Made Easy for Kids Workbook (Simplified Characters, 2nd Ed.) BLE328


“Chinese Made Easy for kids” adopts a new approach to teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language. It is designed for primary school students who start to learn Chinese as total beginners. This series “Chinese Made Easy for kids” (Book 1 to 4) is the foundation course accompanying the series “Chinese Made Easy” (Book 1 to 5) published previously.

“Chinese Made Easy for kids” include 4 books, and each book consists of one textbook and one workbook. After completing this series, learners will be able to write from memory approximately 100 simple characters, recognize over 500 Chinese characters and be able to develop listening a speaking skills from early age.

The focus of this series is: basic knowledge of pinyin, basic knowledge of strokes and stroke order of writing characters, listening and speaking skills, learning Chinese characters for recognition, a lively and free learning atmosphere of Chinese language learning through songs, pictures and story-telling, tasks and activities designed for this age group, and up-to-date topics relevant to primary school students. Please click here for table of content.

《轻松学汉语》少儿版系列(第二版)是一套专门为汉语作为第二语言/外语学习者编写的国际汉语教材,主要适合小学生使用。本套教材旨在从小培养学生对汉语学习的兴趣,帮助学生奠定扎实的汉语基础,培养学生的汉语交际能力。 《轻松学汉语》少儿版共有四册,每册都有课本、练习册、补充练习、读物、教师用书、字卡、图卡、挂图和电子教学资源。 本套教材为学习给中学生和大学生编写的《轻松学汉语》(一至七册)奠定了基础。教材内容:课本通过课文、根据课文编写的韵律诗、多种形式的练习、有趣的课堂游戏培养学生的语言交际能力,使学生在轻松的氛围中学习汉语;练习册中有汉字描红、抄写汉字、读句子、读短文等练习,重点培养学生的汉字书写和阅读理解能力;补充练习可以根据教学需要配合练习册使用。其中的题目也可以用作单元测验;教师用书为教师提供了具体的教学建议,以及课本、练习册和补充练习的答案。

By Yamin Ma, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 137-139 pages/book, 10.25"x8.25"
Item: Chinese Made Easy for Kids Workbook (Simplified Characters, 2nd Ed.)
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