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Easy Chinese Easy Readers Level 3 BSG212


Aimed at primary school students, this 4-volume series is good for students learning Chinese with PYP Chinese curriculum or any school-designed curriculum as intensive and/or extensive reading materials. This series can also go with the Chinese Made Easy for Kids, Books 1-4. Each story matches with a specific theme that are of great interests to students. Tips for teachers, exercises, vocabulary explanations, English narration and digital resources are also included.

   加強學生中文水準:本套故事既可獨立使用,也可供學習 IBPYP 中文課程和學校自編中文教材的學生進行課堂精讀或課外閱讀,還可配合《輕鬆學漢語•少兒版》教材進行延伸學習。

Book Titles:
Who Worked at Home?  谁在家工作
A Green Man and an Orange Woman 绿衣人和橙衣人
Going to an African Wedding 喝非洲人的喜酒
Stealing Recycled Clothes 偷回收衣服
‘Weather’ Ice-skating Team “天气”滑冰队
Xiao Feng Went Camping 小风去露营
Students Are Teachers’ Teachers 学生是老师的老师
Mirrin’s Kitty School Bag 白云的猫书包
Who Likes to Copy Me? 谁喜欢学我的样
Arthit is Missing 阿体不见了
A Monkey Came to Our Home 猴子来我们家了
Cakes That Cannot be Eaten 不能吃的蛋糕
Space Meat Pies 太空肉饼
Work at an Italian Restaurant 在意大利餐厅干活儿
Just Joking 开玩笑
Good to Have Cars on the Road 还好马路上有车

By Rachel Kung, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, English and Pinyin, 16 pages/book, 6.75"x9.5"
Item: Easy Chinese Easy Readers Level 3
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