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Oxford Elementary Chinese Level 2 Student's Book BLE340


Oxford Elementary Chinese is designed for young learners of Chinese. The series incorporates engaging stories and activities to enable learners in building strong Chinese reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Key features include fiction and non-fiction content, individual and group activities, songs and chants, and cross-cultural projects. Students’books, worksheets, e-books, and a website are included to support learning objectives.

Book Titles:
1 At the Chinese Restaurant 上茶楼
2 Hide-and-Seek 捉迷藏
3 What's the Time? 现在几点
4 Happy Birthday! 生日快乐
5 The Magic Pen 神奇的笔
6 What Languages Do They Speak? 他们说什么语言?
7 Happy New Year! 新年快乐!
8 I am Taller Than You 我比你高
9 Amazing Animals 动物真奇妙
10 The Skateboard is Missing! 滑板不见了!
11 What Activities Do You Like? 你喜欢什么活动?
12 Nature and Us 我们和大自然

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 24 pages/book, 11.69"x8.27"
Item: Oxford Elementary Chinese Level 2 Student's Book
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