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Oxford Elementary Chinese Level 4 Student's Book BLE342


Oxford Elementary Chinese is designed for young learners of Chinese. The series incorporates engaging stories and activities to enable learners in building strong Chinese reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Key features include fiction and non-fiction content, individual and group activities, songs and chants, and cross-cultural projects. Students’ books, worksheets, e-books, and a website are included to support learning objectives.

Book Titles:
Vol.1 Where are the Glasses? 眼镜在哪里?
Vol.2 Different Seasons 不一样的季节
Vol.3 Zheng He's Voyages 郑和下西洋
Vol.4 The Directions 方向
Vol.5 Elsa's New Home 爱莎的新家
Vol.6 City Designer 城市设计师
Vol.7 I'm Sick! 生病了!
Vol.8 Career Day 职业日
Vol.9 The Musician Mozart 音乐家莫扎特
Vol.10 Food Festival 美食节
Vol.11 The Summer Holidays are Here! 暑假来了!
Vol.12 Flowers and Fruit 花与果

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 24 pages/book, 11.69"x8.27"
Item: Oxford Elementary Chinese Level 4 Student's Book
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