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Learn Chinese with Me Textbooks (2nd Edition) BLH225


Since being published in 2003 by the People’s Education Press, Learn Chinese with Me has been widely used by language students as well as by language instructors. In 2014, with the assistance of the Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters), People’s Education Press has produced the second edition of the Learn Chinese with Me series to keep up with the changing times.

1. Throughout the entire revision process, we have attempted to make the series more generalizable to students of Chinese all around the world, as well as more suitable for our target demographic of high school students. While the original edition was mainly directed at students in North America, this edition aims to suit students from many different world regions. Additionally, many teachers advised us that, while the first edition of Learn Chinese with Me was a high school series, the content was more suited to younger students. We have industriously worked to address this tendency in the current edition and make the content more suitable for high school students outside of China.

2. We keep “decreasing content” as our principle of revision. Specifically, to relieve the teaching pressure, we have compressed each volume by about 20%. To decrease the difficulty of the material and better suit the requirements of  both  the  International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education and the HSK, we have adjusted text and added grammar sections. To make the material more interesting, we have designed new classroom activities and group practice assignments. We have also revised and supplemented existing sections, such as the explanation and teaching of pinyin, the teaching of Chinese characters and vocabulary, and the introduction of certain aspects of Chinese culture.

3. We have added a moderate amount of new material and kept our eyes on HSK tests. We have supplemented certain sections to help teachers prepare lessons. As many teachers mentioned that the first edition lacked adequate explanations of grammar patterns, the revised student edition of Learn Chinese with Me includes simple English introductions to new grammar patterns in order to help students understand them more easily. Additionally, the revised teacher’s book once more includes more detailed and developed explanations as well as class preparation materials. We have also increased the length of the content in the teacher’s book. Under the heading “Teaching Suggestions,” we have designed “Teaching Schedules”. In order to better match the format of the HSK, from the first volume’s second unit onward, we have added a practice set of HSK questions in every unit of the teacher’s book. These will help students become familiar with the HSK question format and allow them to review how far they have progressed.


1. 第二版致力于增强教材的普适性和针对性。原教材主要针对北美地区,修订后的教材将适用于海外大部分地区。修订过程中充分参考一线老师的意见,删减部分低龄化的教学内容,使教材更加适用于海外的高中学生。

2. 将“适度削减”作为《跟我学汉语》修订的总原则。为了减少课时压力,将每一册的教学总量压缩了20%左右;为了降低教材的难度,重新安排了部分课文和语言点,以更符合《国际汉语教学通用课程大纲》和HSK的要求,学完四册教材后学生能够达到HSK四级的水平;为了增加教材的趣味性,重新设计了课堂活动和部分练习题……其他诸如关于拼音的说明与教学、关于汉字教学、词语教学以及文化内容的介绍等,都做了适度的调整与补充。

3. 与时俱进补充新内容,并与HSK考试紧密结合。为了帮助海外汉语教师备课,我们对原教材做了有益补充:在学生用书中用英语给出了有关语言点的最简单的说明,方便学生掌握;同时在教师用书中又做了较为详细的解释与扩展,为教师备课提供了可用的资料。第二版还较大篇幅地增加了教师用书的内容,在“教学建议”栏目中增设了“教学安排”。为了更好地与HSK衔接,我们在教师用书中增加了HSK模拟试题,帮助学生熟悉题型,同时有针对性地进行自我评测。

Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, Paperback, 241 Pages, 11" x 8.5"
Item: Learn Chinese with Me Textbooks (2nd Edition)
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