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Chinese 101 in Cartoons (For Travelers) BLL072


This amusing book is told in cartoon style to give Chinese learners a fun way to master new words and expressions for everyday use. The 101 expressions that are selected are all used frequently in daily conversation. The series mainly has two features, the lively and colorful cartoons which help readers better understand the conversational scenes, and the recording of Mandarin Chinese, which is necessary to help develop the correct pronunciation. An audio CD is included. Get our For Shopping , For Students , and For Eating Out too.

《漫画汉语101句:旅游篇》适合汉语水平为零起点的外国来华游客. 选取旅途中各种场景下游额常用汉语会话101句. 常用句式给出多种可替换词,一句衍生多句. 采用轻松活泼的漫画形式辅助学习汉语.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 127 pages, 8.25"x5.75", 1 MP3 CD
Item: Chinese 101 in Cartoons (For Travelers)
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