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IGCSE Chinese As a First Language - Writing BLL228


Learners of the IGCSE Chinese language course who have nearly reached the language level of native Chinese speakers still find writing to be their weakest area. This book aims to ensure that Chinese passages written by these learners are up to course requirements while in a non-native language environment. This book provides detailed analysis of Chinese passages written based on the course requirements as well as their corresponding mind maps. In this way, students can develop a better understanding of the structures and writing approaches for summaries, argumentation, narration and exposition so as to find more effective ways to improve their Chinese writing level.

IGCSE 的中文课程分为三个等级 :第一语言(0509)、第二语言(0523)和外语(0547)。其中第一语言(0509)是最难的,这个课程的目标学生是中文程度较高,甚至接近母语程度的学生。

IGCSE 中文第一语言(0509)的课程设置包括阅读理解和写作能力。阅读理解又分为两个部分 :回答问题部分和概括性写作部分。写作能力也分为两个部分 :议论文和记叙、描写文。


Paperback, Vivienne Feng and He Yiran, Simplified Chinese characters, 100 pages, 11.25"x8.25"
Item: IGCSE Chinese As a First Language - Writing
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