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Experiencing Chinese-Middle School Student Book Level 3 BLM044


Created for Chinese learners of middle school age, this series is geared toward beginners. Each lesson includes everyday conversations, vocabulary, sentence building exercises, listening and speaking practices, group activities, character introduction, and experiencing China with photos and conversations, all illustrated with colorful images and photos. Please view table of content and the sample pages.

《体验汉语》初中系列教材是在中国国家汉语国际推广领导小组办公室的帮助下,由“国际语言研究与发展中心”专门为英语国家与地区初中学生编写的系列汉语教材。本系列教材为汉语零起点初中学生编写,适用对象为公立与私立中学7~9年级选修汉语课的学生,或13~15岁的汉语学习者,也可用于其他相应水平的汉语教学。本系列教材提倡体验式教学方法,力求创造快乐学习氛围;选材贴近学生真实生活,旨在培养学习者的实用交际能力。为了实现这些目标,编者在研究国际上第二语言教学的教材基础上,汲取了汉语教材设计的成功经验,融合任务式、活动型教学设计方法,并本着本地化定制的原则,遵循“交际、文化、触类旁通、文化比较和社区”五个c原则(Communication,Cuhure’Connection,Comparison andCommunity),针对中学生汉语学习的条件和特点,在话题、功能、语法、课文内容和练习形式等方面进行了有益的尝试。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 161 pages, 11"x8.25", 1 CD
Item: Experiencing Chinese-Middle School Student Book Level 3
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