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Aspects of Modern China(Intermediate Chinese Course) BLO216


The main feature of this book is that it takes students interest and language proficiency as starting points, and introudces as much as possible of Chinese actual conditions. Meanwhile, different kinds of practices are designed according to students' different levels. It is a teaching material for intermediate Chinese, and is proper for the use of overseas students who have learnt Chinese for 2 years. One MP3 CD is attached.

本书是海外中国概况课的教材,与我社已出的《聚焦中国》是姐妹篇,分现代工农篇、城市发展篇、百姓生活篇、世界窗口篇四大部分, 以对话的形式通过两个人的轻松谈话讲述中国概况,既降低了语言的难度,又全面介绍了中国社会的方方面面。本书最大的特点是以学生的兴趣点和语言水平为出发点,在语言难度不大的条件下,尽可能多地介绍中国国情的各个方面,并根据学生的情况设计了多种形式的练习。本书是汉语中级水平的教材,适用于学习过两年汉语的海外学生。本书含MP3 CD一张。

By Hailong Wang, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 336 pages, 8.3'' x 11.25'', 1 MP3 CD
Item: Aspects of Modern China(Intermediate Chinese Course)
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