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Today's World - Select Readings of Chinese Spotlight News BLO253


The materials for these books have been selected from various major newspapers and online sources, but have been repeatedly and meticulously mended, revised, and refined by the editors. In material selection and content, this set of books not only reflects the transient nature of news reports, but also grasps long-lasting “hot topics”; it not only focuses on pressing issues for both China and the United States, but also brings forth diverse perspectives and cross-cultural aspects of these issues. Additionally, it not only provides careful and thorough reading of texts, but also includes extensive reading materials for each selected topic.

Because of the dual focus on China and the United States, the consideration given to both the transiency and continuity of news issues, and the inclusion of both main and supplementary texts, this set of textbooks is rich in content, inclusive in perspective, and thought-provoking in its views. It is highly useful for deep and extensive discussion and study both inside and outside the classroom. Each volume contains one textbook and one workbook.


Book Titles:
Vol. 1 上册
Vol. 2 下册

By Wang Ying, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 11.25'' x 8.3'', Textbook: 171-238 pages/book, Workbook: 46 pages/book
Item: Today's World - Select Readings of Chinese Spotlight News
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