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A New Textbook for Primary Chinese Reading BLO262


Elementary Chinese Reading Course is designed to help elementary students (with a basic working vocabulary of 1000 words) improve their reading comprehension. This textbook features 18 lessons in Simplified Chinese. Each lesson contains text, dialogue, or narration, a vocabulary assistance section in English and Pinyin, a fill in the blanks section, and multiple choice questions.  An answer key for each lesson is provided at the end of the book.

  1. 以初级词汇为主,生词、语法、练习都做简单化处理,有效控制了词汇难度,体现了“初级”的特点。本书多是200字以内的短文。
   2. 所选材料鲜活实用,从不同角度还原了一个真实的汉语环境,使学生在学习汉语语言、掌握阅读技能的同时,也能了解到中国的社会文化。
  本书以初级词汇为主,多为300 字以下的短文,有效地控制了词汇的难度。
  本书I,II 两册,各20 课,每课分为“文章阅读”、“实用文体阅读”和“看中国”三个部分,所选材料鲜活实用,从不同角度还原了一个真实的汉字环境,使学生在学习汉语语言、掌握阅读技能的同时,也了解到中国的社会和文化。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 198-258 pages/book, 10.25''x7.25''
Item: A New Textbook for Primary Chinese Reading
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