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Chinese Radicals Posters (Simplified Characters) BLP145


Each poster in this beautifully-produced set contains twenty pictures of common radicals familiar to most students, complete with their English and Chinese names and Pinyin. Seeing the pictoral ilustrations and the Chinese words together will help students visualize the words they are learning and speed up their learning. The radicals on the posters are grouped together by their natural classifications. Being designed in proof-water and toughness- strengthened technology, you can fold up it at ease and post it in envelop. So it’s very convenient to take with you whenever you go out to have a lesson or learn by yourself.

Radical-Water 水
Radical-Grass/Bamboo 竹
Radical-Dog Fish & Insect 虫
Radical-Gold/Fire 金/火
Radical-Walk/Door/Auto 走/门/车
Radical-Hand/Soil 手/土
Radical-Human/Woman/Food 人/女/食
Radical-Wood/Ship 木/舟
Radical-Heart/Eye/Sickness 心/目/病
Radical-Sun/Rock/Bird/Fire/Mouth 日/石/鸟/火/口

By Aana & Shin, Laminated Poster, Simplified Chinese Character, Pinyin and English, 34.6"x22.8"
Item: Chinese Radicals Posters (Simplified Characters)
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