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Chinese Characters Posters (Traditional) Part 1 BLP146


In this poster series, you can find most of the basic Chinese characters classified by number, time, daily necessities etc. By learning words of daily use, learning becomes more interesting and more fun. All the nouns in this series are well illustrated with colorful pictures. One poster consists of 20 characters or words. In the posters, you ll find the Chinese characters or words, the Pinyin (phonetic transcriptions), the illustration of the item as well as the English translation. This special concept will help you learn Chinese characters quickly, not only reading them but also writing them. This poster series with well-designed full color pictures involves more than 20 titles in both Simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. Being designed in proof-water and toughness- strengthened technology, you can fold up it at ease and post it in envelop. So it’s very convenient to take with you whenever you go out to have a lesson or learn by yourself.

Poster Titles:
Daily Necessities日常用品
Colours and Shapes颜色与形状
Food and Drink食物与饮料

Large Print, Traditional Chinese Characters with Pinyin, 34.6"x22.8"
Item: Chinese Characters Posters (Traditional) Part 1
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