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My Friends BSB036


In this ode to everyday activities and things, a free-spirited young girl hops, jumps, and kicks her way across the countryside, paying homage to her friends along the way. Like a satellite launched into perpetual motion, the constantly moving child praises--among others--the rooster who taught her to march, the ant who taught her to explore the earth, and the teachers who taught her to study. Gomi's (Bus Stops, Where's the Fish?) meticulous sense of design and careful use of brilliantly colored, highly delineated images imbues the story with a sense of the wonder and delight to be derived from life's simplest--but bountiful--moments.


By Taro Gomi, Hardcover, 32 Pages, Simplified or Traditional Chinese Characters (with Zhuyin and English), 8" x 8.75"
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