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Spring Is Here BSB041


Now you can enjoy this popular book in Chinese and English! A winsome calf provides the backdrop--literally--for this charming story. With each turn of the page, the young animal is imaginatively transformed to reflect some activity of the four seasons: snow melting, seedlings springing up, harvest, all the way to the snow melting again and revealing that--the calf has grown. The story line follows the cycle of the seasons from one spring to the next, and its spare, fluid text--wedded to the vigorous graphics--vividly conveys the underlying themes of renewal and growth. Japanese artist Gomi won the Graphic Prize at the Bologna Children's Book Fair for this work, and it's easy to see why. The colors are joyful and fresh, and the artist's playful approach to perspective makes this a perfect picture book. Ages 2-6.


By Taro Gomi, Hardcover, Simplified or Traditional Chinese character, Zhuyin and English, 32 Pages, 8" x 10"
Item: Spring Is Here
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