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Tom Growing Up Emotion Series 2 (10 Books) BSE141


Tom Growing Up Emotion Series introduces Tom, a rabbit, and his daily life with touching stories such as having a birthday, moving from a home and friends he loves, experiencing a nightmare, going to the farm, wetting the bed, handling boredom, and dealing with the emotions of his grandfather’s death. These stories teach young children about emotions and behaviors while touching their hearts. Ages 4-8.


Book Titles:
Tom's Birthday 汤姆的生日
Tom is Moving 汤姆搬家
Tom Goes to the Farm 汤姆去农场
Tom Falls in Love 汤姆恋爱了
Tom's Nightmare 汤姆的噩梦
Tom Wet the Bed 汤姆尿床了
Tom and Sad Lulu 汤姆和伤心的鲁鲁
Tom's Best Friend 汤姆最好的朋友
When Tom is Bored 汤姆无聊的时候
Tom's Grandfather Passed Away 汤姆的外公去世了

By Marie-Aline Bawin, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 31 pages/book, 7.3"x9.25"
Item: Tom Growing Up Emotion Series 2 (10 Books)
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