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Traditional Chinese Festivals (8 Books) BSF211


For thousands of years, our ancestors set off beautiful wishes for life and created beautiful and touching legends and customs for each festival. This set of "Picture Book Chinese Story · Traditional Festival" is organized around eight * important traditional festivals. It invites domestic famous children's literature writers to create, and uses pictures with strong Chinese style to naturally infiltrate the origin and customs of the festival and let children read ahead Traditional festivals easily lead the era of big languages, evoking a deep love for festivals in the heart and long-lasting memories.


Book Titles:
Chinese New Year 春节
Lantern Festival 元宵节
Ching Ming Festival 清明节
Dragon Boat Festival 端午节
Qixi Festival 七夕节
Moon Festival 中秋节
Chongyang Festival 重阳节
Laba Festival 腊八节

By Zheng Qinyan, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 32 pages/book, 9.45"x6.75"
Item: Traditional Chinese Festivals (8 Books)
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