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Chinese Idiom Story Series BST232


This series of books was developed to help children learn traditional Chinese myths and legends and understand traditional Chinese culture. These books are beautifully illustrated and immerse children in a world of men, heroes and deities, where suns can be shot by arrows, gods animate the waters, and human beings are crafted out of clay.

中华文化,是我们民族的财富,也是人类文明的瑰宝。把瑰丽的传统文化告诉给我们的儿童,是我们想要做好的一件事。这套规模很大的美丽绘本,是以中央美术学院的艺术家们为主的绘本团队奉献给孩子们的礼物。本套书由美术教育绘本研究课题组主编,中央美院师生及中国优秀画家创作,用精品绘本的形式,重新提炼和光大中国传统文化的精华,将一个美丽的、睿智的、勤劳的、情感深厚的中国,展现给今天的儿童。丛书包含多个系列,内容取材于中华传统文化的方方面面,以最具代表性、最为人们喜闻乐见的素材为蓝本,以浅显易懂的文字加以演绎,好读,好看,好理解;结合流畅、精美、富有情境的绘画,为小读者奉献最优质的精神食粮。 好了,我们的绘本在这里了,你喜欢吗?愿你饱览这妙笔丹青,更感受这文字之美、艺术之美,以及文化之美、中华之美。

Book Titles:
His Spear Against His Shield 自相矛盾
A Snipe and a Clam Locked in a Fight 鹬蚌相争
The Foolish Buying Shoes 愚人买鞋
The Foolish Old Man Moved Mountains 愚公移山
Drawing Legs on a Snake 画蛇添足
Chi Fears the Fallen Sky 杞人忧天
The Fox Borrows the Tiger's Terror 狐假虎威
Make up the Number 滥竽充数
Quench One's Thirst by Looking at Plums 望梅止渴
Amaze the World with a Single Feat 一鸣惊人

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 32 pages/book, 11.25"x8.25"
Item: Chinese Idiom Story Series
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