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Learn Chinese With Fun Graded Readers Big Books BSG254


The stories in Learn Chinese With Fun, Graded Readers 1 are designed to cater to learners of varied age groups and language proficiencies. The Author’s Word in the front of each book gives a clear overview of the story and highlights the essential values to be taught. The Reading Guide at the back provides a comprehensive page-by-page teaching guide for teachers and parents. Questions in the Reading Guide section will stimulate children's creative thinking and will help them better understand the stories. Hanyu Pinyin text is provided to bring convenience to teachers and parents, enabling them to use the series flexibly for testing children’s grasp of the Chinese characters that appear in the stories.


Book Titles:
Rabbit Is Sick 兔子生病了
Greedy Little Rat 贪吃的小老鼠
Little Pig Travels 小猪去旅行
Animals Can Sing 动物会唱歌
Biscuits Disappeared 饼干不见了
I Am A Small Chef 我是小厨师
Where Is Black Cat? 黑猫在哪儿?
Christmas Gift 圣诞礼物
My Dad Is King 我的爸爸是国王
A Magic Wand 一根魔术棒
We Are Going To The Zoo 我们去动物园
My Carts And Trolleys 我的大车和小车
Kitten Food Delivery 小猫送菜
Little Bear's Name 小熊的名字
Little Duck Goes To School 小鸭上学了
Little Monkey Builds A House 小猴盖房子
Lan Lan And Little Bear  蓝蓝和小熊
Nice Shoe Box 美丽的鞋盒
Dad's Pick-Up Truck  爸爸的小卡车
Coco Goes To Space 可可上太空
Small Sheep Xixi  小绵羊西西
Good Neighbors 好邻居
Bird Mother And Elephant 鸟妈妈和大象
Mimi And Lala 米米和拉拉

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 16 pages/book, 16.5"x11.7"

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