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Big Apple Chinese Readers Level 4 (20 Books) BSG284


Big Apple Chinese Readers, so classroom proven and well received by both teachers and students in Asia, hardly need any introduction! We proudly announce here that its long expected digital version, revised and updated in response to the classroom feedbacks, has finally arrived! Big Apple Chinese Readers is a graded Chinese reading series tailored to k-12 Chinese learners, comprising short texts phrased in simple, easy-to-understand language. There are five levels in total, with 20 books in per level. Topics increase in level of difficulty as readers progress to each higher level of language proficiency. Topics are selected to begin with students’ personal life (Family and School), connected with social lives and cultural events, and finally leveled up to stories of historical figures, mythological characters, as well as Chinese idioms.

《大苹果阅读》层级式主题阅读系列共分五级,每级包含20个话题。话题的难度根据学习者的语言熟练程度(language proficiency level)呈阶梯状上升,从个人、家庭、学校的日常扩展到社会交往,再延伸到节日习俗、历史/神话人物以及成语故事。整套系列文本短小精练,语言简单易懂,适合k-12年级学生阅读。

Book Titles:

1. Self-Introduction - 自我介绍
2. After School Activities - 课外活动
3. Summer Sports - 夏天运动
4. My Family - 家人
5. Weekend - 周末
6. New Friends - 新朋友
7. Special Festival - 特别节日
8. We Win - 赢了
9. New Schoolbag - 新书包
10.Catch a Cold - 感冒
11.Cheongsam - 旗袍
12.Mulan - 花木兰
13.Where is the Panda? - 熊猫呢?
14.Twelve and Twenty - 12和20
15.Homesick - 想家
16.I am lost - 我迷路了
17.Offer a Seat - 让座
18.Chinese Lesson - 汉语课
19.Magpies - 喜鹊
20.Kua Fu Chasing the Sun - 夸父追日

By Min Li and Jinghua Fan, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 21 pages/book, 8.25" x 8.25"
Item: Big Apple Chinese Readers Level 4 (20 Books)
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