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1000 Character Classic BSL150


The primer Qian Zi Wen has been memorised by generations of Chinese. Composed during the Liang Dynasty (AD 502-557), it contains 1000 unique Chinese characters set in four-word phrases. Architect Evelyn Lip has long had an interest in Chinese history and culture and has written widely on these subjects. In this book, she makes the Qian Zi Wen accessible to the general reader. It classical text is reproduced here with hanyu pinyin and its literal and implied meanings are explained. The book is enriched by the author's inclusion of interesting historical facts, proverbs and bits of ancient Chinese wisdom.

Paperback, English (Text), Phrases titles (Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English), 251 pages, 8.25"x6"
Item: 1000 Character Classic
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