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In Search Of Deities BSL149


In Search of Deities is a treasure house of 16 Chinese classical myths. Representing a sampling of Chinese narrative genre known as Zhi Guai (Records of Anomalies) produced during the Six Dynasties, this delightful collection reflects man's age-old fascination with gods, spirits, immortality, magical feats, as well as the evergreen themes of love and loyalty.
Contents: The Supreme One of Mount Jiao, Zuo Ci's Magic Skills, The Magic of Ge Xuan, Zhang Pu Keeps His Word, Gu Yezi, The Headless Jia Yong, Alien From Outer Space, The Bizarre Pregnancy, Cleaning the Coat with Fire, The Lovelorn Tree, etc..

Paperback, 156 pages, 8.25" x 6.0"
Item: In Search Of Deities
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