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Monkey King of Journey To The West BST271


Sun Wukong, also named Monkey King. He was born in the Mountain of Flower and Fruit, hopping out of a stone with powerful skills. He can make 72 appearances and travel 108 thousand miles within a turn. He fought in the Dragon King’s Palace, beat the Jade Emperor, and later guided Tang Monk with Monk Bajie and Monk Sand to The West where he eventually achieved success. This monkey is not only famous in China as a fiction hero and idol, but also popular in the world. There are many stories related to him, such as Monkey Creates A Tremendous Uproar in the Heavenly Palace, Monk Bajie Carries His Wife, Monkey King Beats the White-Bone Demon. How many stories have you heard? This series uses funny and humorous tone to describe Monkey King’s legends. The series has 5 books with 2 stories in each one of the book. Each story begins with an illustration, follows with the story and various function cards.


Book Titles:
(Two Stories in Each Book)
Monkey King from the Mountain of Flower and Fruit / Monkey King Wanders around the East Sea 花果山美猴王+猴王闯东海
Monkey King Creates a Tremendous Uproar in the Heavenly Palace / Monk Bajie Carries His Wife 大闹天宫+猪八戒背媳妇
Monkey King Beats the White-Bone Demon / Steal the Ginseng Fruit 三打白骨精+偷吃人参果
Witty Battle with the Red Boy / Monk Tang Turns to a Tiger 智斗红孩儿+唐僧变老虎
The Plantain Fan and the Burning Mountain / The Real and the Bogus Monkey King 芭蕉扇和火焰山+真假美猴王

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 54 pages/book, 10.75"x8.25"
Item: Monkey King of Journey To The West
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