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Chinese Traditional Stories BST338


This award-winning picture book set consists of stories all linked to Chinese traditions or ancient stories, aimed at bringing young readers closer to a history and culture that otherwise might fade away. The books bring to life the Chinese dragon, Chinese New Year, traditional Chinese operas and a lot more topics using stylish traditional water color drawings and simple, poetic and humorous language.



Book Titles:
Nian, The Year Monster 小年兽
Kitchen God 灶王爷
The Toy Rabbit Story 兔儿爷
The Dragon Slayers 屠龙族
The Little Stone Lion 小石狮
Wu Song Beats a Tiger 武松打虎
Battle of Changban 长坂坡
Master Jingang 金刚师
Monster Meiyu 梅雨怪
Take a Stroll with the Wind 和风一起散步

Paperpack, Simplified Chinese characters, 36 pages/book, 8.8"x 9.5"
Item: Chinese Traditional Stories
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