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China Tales BST341


China is a fascinating country with a rich and interesting culture. The series of China Tales helps Chinese teachers and their students explore elements of the culture in a fun and imaginary way. The series are stories from China and about China, which brings kids fun reading experiences. Please click here for Individual book descriptions


Book Titles:
The Bad, Terrible Windy Day 坏天气
The Legend of Dumplings 饺子的传说
How the Chinese Zodiac Was Created 十二生肖的起源
The Proud Chopsticks 令人自豪的筷子
Wu Gang and the Sweet Osmanthus Tree 吴刚和桂树
A Parcel from Home 来自家乡的包裹
Jalen’s Name Stamp 杰伦的印章
Mrs Li Makes Noodle 李氏拉面
The Legend of Hou Yi 后羿的传说
The Legend of Qixi 七夕的传说
The Chinese Dragon 中国龙
Dumplings and Sandwiches 饺子和三明治
A Present for the Emperor 给皇帝的礼物
Mei Mei and the Poet 梅梅和诗人
Love Among the Lanterns 花灯带来的缘分
The Lost Little Dragon 迷惑的小龙
A New Baby Arrives 一个婴儿出生了
Baby’s First Birthday 婴儿的第一个生日
The Lady in the Moon 月亮上的女人
Jiao Jiao the Lucky Dumpling 幸运的饺饺
Treasure Ships and New Worlds 宝船与新世界

By Kate Wang and Judy Petrosian, Paperback, English, 32-44 pages/book, 9.25"x9.25"
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