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China Tales II BST358


China is a fascinating country with a rich and interesting culture. The series of China Tales helps Chinese teachers and their students explore elements of the culture in a fun and imaginary way. The series are stories from China and about China, which brings kids fun reading experiences. Please click here for Individual book descriptions

中国是一个拥有丰富有趣文化的迷人国家。中国故事系列帮助中国教师及其学生以有趣和想象的方式探索文化元素。该系列讲述了来自中国和关于中国的故事,为孩子们带来有趣的阅读体 请点击查看分册介绍

Book Titles:
Longlong and the Suanpan 龙龙和算盘
The Sound of Birds Singing 鸟儿歌唱的声
The Story of Silk 蚕丝的故事
The Monster Who Saw Red 把红色偷回家的小怪兽
Four Treasures of the Scholar 文房四宝
Anyone for Tea 有人想喝茶吗
The Great Wall 长城
What Is My Mother Tongue 我的家乡话是什么?
Knots for New Year 中国结
Meng Jiangnu and the Power of Love 孟姜女和爱的力量
The Wife Cake 老婆饼

By Kate Wang and Judy Petrosian, Paperback, English, 32-44 pages/book, 9.25"x9.25"
Item: China Tales II
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