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Growing Up Series BSW287


Daddy and Mommy: The baby animals may look quite different with their parents. Can you recognize the baby butterfly and frog?
Guess Which Part is Long: The animals are comparing their longer parts with each other, so who wins? The giraffe with a long neck, the mouse with a long tail, or the snake with a long body?
Who is This: Have fun in hide-and-seek, and guess who is hiding behind the tree!
Mother's Milk: The elephants hope that their babies will grow taller, and the mice hope for a nicer baby, so what is your mothers expectation for you?


Daddy and Mommy 这是我爸爸和我妈妈
Guess Which Part is Long 猜猜我的哪里长
Who is This 这是谁
Mother's Milk 妈妈的奶

By Tatsuya Miyanishi, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 24 Pages/book, 8.75x8.25"
Item: Growing Up Series
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