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Solomon the Rusty Nail BSW787


Bunny Solomon discover they have a special ability - as long as he scratched his nose. shilly-toe. you can become a rusty nail if he think I'm not a nail. I was a rabbit. he turned back the rabbit. At first. he used this ability to make fun of family and friends. can gradually. he began to focus on something else. no longer play this game. Until one day. Solomon met a cat in the mountains. he should seize eaten. So he had no choice but to become rusty nails. But the cat was brought him to the house. locked up in a cage. Solomon escape to. so he has maintained the appearance of the nail. Cats have lost patience. angrily Solomon nail into the wall. Solomon wait until the evening. think back to the rabbit. they found themselves being squeezed wood. change will not go back. He would...


By William Steig, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 32 pages, 10.7"x8.7"
Item: Solomon the Rusty Nail
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