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Dominic BSY245


Dominic is a one-of-a-kind dog. With exuberant natural disposition, he has always been dreaming of seeing other beagles in the outside world. During his journey of exploration, he comes across an old pig with a surname of badger, a hornet who can write, a lazy donkey and a tortoise; he saves a female goose with a surname of fox; he helps to bring about a wedding to a boar; he also meets with the infamous Doomsday Gang, a group of bad eggs committing all manners of crimes. He makes a lot of intimate friends, and meanwhile he fights life-and-death struggle against these bad eggs. By his active nature, kindness, courage, enthusiasm, generosity, being ready to help others and resourcefulness, Dominic becomes the big hero eliminating evildoers and is known far and wide. Finally he finds a beautiful wife and prepares to start a greater adventure.


By William Steig, Paperback, Simplified or Traditional Chinese Characters, 163 pages, 9"x7.25"
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