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My Warm Family - Family Series BSW881


Stories of rich warmth that comes from familial love in a household are told in these children's books. Animals personify intimate human relationships with glee and intensity. You and your child can enjoy these wonderfully illustrated books together.

暖房子经典绘本系列情亲篇,精选国际优秀绘本,讲述最温暖动人的美好故事。秉承一贯的唯美大气风格,打造高端精致的美好画面,带给孩子最舒服的视觉享受。依然以孩子最喜爱的小动物为故事角色,营造最温馨的童话氛围,迎合孩子心理,培养阅读兴趣。大开本精美印刷,圆角不伤手,主张孩子安全阅读。 请参阅更多的内容介绍

Book Titles:
Me and My Mum  我和妈妈
A Kiss for Little Kitten  妈妈的吻
Crunch Munch Dinosaur Lunch  别打扰我吃饭
The Bears in the Bed and the Great Big Storm  熊爸爸不怕
When We're Together  当我们在一起时
Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones  相拥而眠

By Alison Ritchie, Paperback, 24 Pages/book, Simplified Chinese Character, 10"x10.25"
Item: My Warm Family - Family Series
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