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Magic Tree House (8 Books) BSY638


Blending fact, farce and fantasy, these well-known chapter books tell the popular stories of two kids who take trips in a magic tree house and find dinosaurs, volcanoes and adventure. The power of reading is built into the story: books in the tree house give the kids the magic to travel and see far, far away. Set 1 consists of books #1-8, and Set 2 consists of books #9-16.

在神秘的蛙溪森林里,哥哥杰克和妹妹安妮发现了一个装满书的神奇树屋,每打开一本书,就会开启一次奇幻之旅。 快打开这套书,开启这次欢笑、奇妙、惊险的勇敢旅程。

Book Titles:      
Set 1:
1 Dinosaurs Before Dark 勇闯恐龙谷
2 The Knight at Dawn 古堡惊魂夜
3 Mummies in the Morning 木乃伊之谜
4 Pirates Past Noon 寻宝加勒比
5 Night of the Ninjas 忍者的秘密
6 Afternoon on the Amazon 亚马孙大冒险
7 Sunset of the Sabertooth 勇斗剑齿虎
8 Midnight on the Moon 月球漫游记

Set 2:
9 Dolphins at Daybreak 与海豚共舞
10 Ghost Town at Sundown 孤独的牛仔
11 Lions at Lunchtime 狮口逃生记
12 Polar Bears Past Bedtime 致敬北极熊
13 Vacation Under the Volcano 逃离火山城
14 Day of the Dragon King 误入秦皇陵
15 Viking Ships at Sunrise 海盗湾历险
16 Hour of the Olympics 寻诗古希腊

Complete Set of Vol. 1 - 20
17 Tonight on the Titanic 冰海大沉船
18 Buffalo Before Breakfast 印第安传奇
19 Tigers at Twilight 丛林大逃亡
20 Dingoes at Dinnertime 袋鼠的礼物

Set 3 Vol. 17-28
21 Civil War on Sunday 星期天的南北战争
22 Revolutionary War on Wednesday 遇见总统
23 Twister on Tuesday 恐怖龙卷风
24 Earthquake in the Early Morning 绝命大地震
25 Stage Fright on a Summer Night 仲夏夜惊梦
26 Good Morning Gorillas 早安!金刚
27 Thanksgiving on Thursday 感恩节奇遇
28 High Tide in Hawaii 逐浪夏威夷

By Mary Pope Osborne, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 76 pages/book, 8.25x5.5
Item: Magic Tree House (8 Books)
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