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Magic Tree House (8 Books) BSY638


Blending fact, farce and fantasy, these well-known chapter books tell the popular stories of two kids who take trips in a magic tree house and find dinosaurs, volcanoes and adventure. The power of reading is built into the story: books in the tree house give the kids the magic to travel and see far, far away. Set 1 consists of books #1-8, and Set 2 consists of books #9-16.

在神秘的蛙溪森林里,哥哥杰克和妹妹安妮发现了一个装满书的神奇树屋,每打开一本书,就会开启一次奇幻之旅。 快打开这套书,开启这次欢笑、奇妙、惊险的勇敢旅程。

Book Titles:      
Set 1:
1 Dinosaurs Before Dark 勇闯恐龙谷
2 The Knight at Dawn 古堡惊魂夜
3 Mummies in the Morning 木乃伊之谜
4 Pirates Past Noon 寻宝加勒比
5 Night of the Ninjas 忍者的秘密
6 Afternoon on the Amazon 亚马孙大冒险
7 Sunset of the Sabertooth 勇斗剑齿虎
8 Midnight on the Moon 月球漫游记

Set 2:
9 Dolphins at Daybreak 与海豚共舞
10 Ghost Town at Sundown 孤独的牛仔
11 Lions at Lunchtime 狮口逃生记​​​​​​​
12 Polar Bears Past Bedtime 致敬北极熊​​​​​​​
13 Vacation Under the Volcano 逃离火山城​​​​​​​
14 Day of the Dragon King 误入秦皇陵
15 Viking Ships at Sunrise 海盗湾历险
​​​​​​​16 Hour of the Olympics 寻诗古希腊

By Mary Pope Osborne, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 76 pages/book, 8.25x5.45
Item: Magic Tree House (8 Books)
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