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The Magic Tree House Research Guide Series (8 Books) BSY639


These easy-to-read companion guides give children the facts behind their favorite Magic Tree House adventures including Dinosaurs, Pirates, Space, Polar Bears and Arctic, Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece just to name a few.


Book Titles:
1 Dinosaurs 恐龙
2 Mummy and Pyramids 木乃伊和金字塔
3 Knights and Castles 骑士和城堡
4 Pirates 海盜
5 Ninjas and Samurai 忍者和武士
6 Rainforest 雨林
7 Saber-toothed Tiger and the Ice Age 剑齿虎和冰川时代
8 Space 太空

By Mary Pope Osborne, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 128 pages/book, 7.6x5.2
Item: The Magic Tree House Research Guide Series (8 Books)
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