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Red Thread Girl T-shirts for Children CCT002


Ever since ChinaSprout acquired the copyright to the beautiful "Red Thread Girl," we have been bombarded by requests for more products carrying her lovely image and the meaning behind it. Now we offer both Red Thread Girl T-shirts and sweatshirts, in 100% cotton, printed with her image and the story behind it. Please refer to the size measurement when you place order. Do NOT rely on the size letters. Size 2-4 (For 1-2 Year Old): Chest - 25", Length - 15", Size 6-8 (For 3-4 Year Old): Chest - 29", Length - 18.5", Size 10-12 (For 5 - 6 Year Old): Chest - 31", Length - 20.5", Size 14-16 (For 7 - 8 Year Old): Chest - 35", Length - 22.5". You can also get matching Red Thread Girl T-shirt for yourself. You can also choose Red Thread Poster or Red Thread Girl cards.

100% cotton, Size: 2-16
Item: Red Thread Girl T-shirts for Children
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