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This year's Moon Festival, or Mid-Autumn Festival, falls on October 4th, 2017 (the 15th day of the 8th lunar month). To help families celebrate this holiday in an authentic Chinese manner – eating moon cakes while looking at the full moon – ChinaSprout is offering FRESHLY baked moon cakes from a bakery in New York's Chinatown. Moon cakes can be kept for up to two months without refrigeration. To learn more about the Moon Festival and moon cakes, click here.

Our moon cakes come in four different flavors. They are also individually packaged and come in an unique collectible tin. The four flavors we have available are:

  • White lotus paste (sweet)
  • Red Bean Paste (sweet)
  • Winter Melon (sweet)
  • Nuts (salty)

Ingredients: Lotus, Melon, Red Bean Paste, Mixed Nuts, Sugar (filling); Mixture of Vegetable and Refined Peanut Oil; Flour; Water.

Please indicate the flavors you would like to have in the Ordering Instructions upon checkout. If you do not indicate specific flavors, we will send you a box of four different flavors. 

4 Pieces, 3" Dimension, Mooncake.

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