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New Collections of Black Duck 5 MCT072

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This CD is one in a series by Black Duck. The popular music group was founded by three professionally trained violinists from the Central Music Conservatory. They provide their own unique take on Chinese popular music of the 20's. Also enjoy Black Duck's album 1, 2 and 3.


  1. Tai Tan Ni Ke Zhu Ti Qu
  2. Chong Gui Su Lian Tuo
  3. Oh, Su Shan Na
  4. Wo de Tai Yang
  5. Huan Le Song
  6. Xiao Yie Qu
  7. Zhao Jing Zi
  8. Dao Re Mi
  9. Hong He Gu
  10. Shou La Shou
  11. Han Bao Yu Fang de Hua
  12. You Yi Di Jiu Tian Chang
  13. Yao Lan Qu
  14. Xing Xing Suo
  15. Xue Rong Hua

CD, 15 Tracks
Item: New Collections of Black Duck 5
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