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Monkey (4 DVDs) VCM003

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Monkey is a live action Japanese television program based upon the tales of the Monkey King. Kids will love this performance that combines spectacular acrobatics and martial arts; tacky special effects; magic tricks; hilarious dubbing; crazy storylines; and an unforgettable theme song. Monkey follows the incredible adventures of three fallen angels: Monkey (Masaaki Sakai); Pigsy (Toshiyuki Nishida) and Sandy (Shiro Kishibe). Thrown out of heaven for various acts of sacrilege and general misbehavior, they hook up with a young Buddhist monk, Tripitaka (Masako Natsume). The group embarks on an epic, adventure-packed pilgrimage to spread the teachings of Buddha throughout the world and to hopefully gain some true enlightenment themselves. Made by Japanese television and broadcast in the UK by the BBC, Monkey became a staple of the early evening schedules where it attracted a dedicated following of (mainly) children, who would rush home after school to catch the latest installment of the surreal adventures of Monkey and his gang. Now you can enjoy this popular show in the United States. Please note that is in NTSC format, which only plays in North America. This set of DVD includes 13 episodes.

DVD, 13 Episodes, NTSC
Item: Monkey (4 DVDs)
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