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What A Family VCV062


Released in 1979, this was the first comedy film to be produced in China in at least two decades. It follows the family quibbles of Lao Hu, the superviser of a weaving workshop. Lan is very critical of both himself and others. Lao Hu's daughter Jia Ying is also one of his most excellent workers in. She falls in love with repairman Yu Lin - Lao Hu's apprentice. His son Jia Qi is a member of a youth art troupe, but he only knows how to brag. Problems arise when the family can't agree on how to improve the production and how to educate Jia Qi. At the movie end, Lao Hu's family solve the conflict and whole family gather happily. It was released as one of the Follow Me in Chinese series. It is available in Mandarin Chinese, and subtitled in both Chinese and English.

DVD, 92 Minutes, In Mandarin Chinese, Subtitled in Chinese and English. NTSC
Item: What A Family
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