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Half Flame, Half Brine VCV063


Half Flam, Half Brine is adapted from the namesake novel by Wang Shuo. Wu Di, a college girl student bumps into Zhang Ming, a blackmailer. She soon falls in love with Ming and she unexpectedly quits her schooling and join in Ming's blackmail gang. Wu Di's degeneration shocks Zhang Ming greatly, but it's too late. Soon Zhang Ming is put into jail for his crime and at the news of his arrest Wu Di committed suicide. After he is set free, Zhang Ming meets with a girl who looks like Wu Di in appearance. Learning from past experiences, he advises her to leave the hooligans, but she refuses. Later at a beach Zhang Ming sees the girl crying for because she was deceived by the hooligans, reminding him of how much he hurt Wu Di. It was released as one of the Follow Me in Chinese series with Chinese and English subtitles. It is available in Mandarin Chinese, and subtitled in both Chinese and English.

DVD, 91 Minutes, In Mandarin Chinese, Subtitled in Chinese and English. NTSC
Item: Half Flame, Half Brine
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