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The Magic School Bus Series 1 (12 Books) BLC001


The Magic School Bus series is a wonderful literary series for children, intended to teach them scientific concepts. Now children can enjoy it in Simplified Chinese characters. The creators of the series allow readers to laugh while they learn in an animated and fact-filled adventure. Ages 6-9. Get The Magic School Bus series 2 and The Magic School Bus series 3 too.

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The Magic School Bus features the antics of Ms. Frizzle and her class of eight children (in the original books, the class population was at a larger and more standard amount), who board a magical school bus which takes them on field trips into the solar system, under the Earth, into the human body, or to other such impossible locations. The books were written from the point of view of an unnamed student in "the Friz's" class. The class pet, Liz, an anthropomorphic lizard, accompanies the class on their field trips. Since the Magic School Bus books present scientific facts in the form of stories in which fantastic things happen (for example, a bus turns into a spaceship, or children shrink to the size of blood cells), each book has a page at the end detailing in a humorous manner which parts of the book represented scientific fact and which were fanciful storytelling.

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《神奇校车》是美国学子出版社畅销不止的重点品,出版25年来,在美国销售逾5800万册,已被译成10多种语言,行销全球,本本精彩, 孩子的视角、孩子的想象、孩子的好奇心,无处不在!

Book Titles:
Inside the Earth 地球内部探秘
Inside the Human Body 在人体中游览
In the Time of the Dinosaurs 追寻恐龙
The Electric Field Trip 漫游电世界
Inside a Beehive 奇妙的蜂巢
Lost in the Solar System 迷失在太阳系
Explores the Senses 探访感觉器官
Inside a Hurricane 穿越飓风
On the Ocean Floor 海底探险
At the Waterworks 水的故事
Climate Challenge 气候大挑战
Science Fair Expedition 科学博览会

By Joanna Cole, Illustrated by Bruce Degen, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 39-48 pages/book, 8.5"x10"
Item: The Magic School Bus Series 1 (12 Books)
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