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The Magic School Bus Series 3 BLC003


The Magic School Bus series is a wonderful literary series for children, intended to teach scientific concepts to children. Now children can enjoy it in Simplified Chinese characters.The creators of the series allow readers to laugh while they learn in an animated and fact-filled adventure. Ages 6-9. Get The Magic School Bus series 1 and The Magic School Bus series 2 too.


Book Titles:
The Truth about Bats 探寻蝙蝠
The Search for the Missing Bones 觅骨寻踪
The Wild Whale Watch 怒海赏鲸
Space Explorers 探索宇宙
Twister Trouble 追踪龙卷风
The Giant Germ 走进微生物
The Great Shark Escape 逃离巨鲨
Penguin Puzzle 拜访企鹅
Dinosaur Detectives 恐龙侦探
Insect Invaders 追踪昆虫
Amazing Magnetism 奇妙的磁力
Polar Bear Patrol 巡航北极
Electric Storm 穿越雷电
Voyage to the Volcano 火山之旅
Butterfly Battle 奋飞的蝴蝶
Rocky Road Trip 解密岩石

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 66-79 pages/book, 7.9"x5.5"
Item: The Magic School Bus Series 3
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