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Who Has the Most Beautiful Teeth Series (8 Books) BLC343


Teeth are a very important part of our body because they will be with us for the rest of our life so we have to guarantee how to maintain our teeth in good condition. Especially for young children they should learn how to keep their teeth healthy and clean at their age. Perhaps there are so many parents feel frustrated on how to guide their children to brush their teeth. Also so many children are too afraid of visiting dentist to have their teeth check up and clean up. "Who's the most beautiful teeth" includes 8 stories about teeth, it uses a fairy-tale plot to make children understand the important of the teeth, and make them more comfortable and happy to brush their teeth. Also for the biggest teeth issue- “changing teeth”, this set of books use attractive language, vivid stories and interesting pictures to help children to solve all kinds of confusion in the process of changing teeth.Please view more details in Simplfied Chinese characters.


Book Titles:
Breakfast 沃乐的早餐
Dentist 科妮看牙记
Brush Teeth 尼罗河畔的刷牙节
Lisa and Fairy 丽莎和牙仙子
Teeth Competition 牙齿大赛
Celebration for Changing Teeth 换牙庆祝会
Toothache 法比安牙疼了
No Teeth Monster 缺牙怪兽

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 24 Pages/Book, 3.95"X3.95"
Item: Who Has the Most Beautiful Teeth Series (8 Books)
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