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My Piccasi Picture Book-Set 1 BLC346


Connie is an adorable kid, everybody loves her and curious about her life. Let’s updated our lovely Connie’s most recent life and things about her by reading “New Things About Connie”; it will bring your children a lot of joy. 

Book Titles:
Series 1: New Things About Connie 科妮的新鲜事

Little Kitty科妮的小猫咪
Soccer 科妮踢足球
Experience 科妮去体验
Camping 科妮去露营
Go to School 科妮上学啦
Riding Bike 科妮学骑车
Moving Home 科妮搬家啦
Become a Seahorse 科妮成为“小海马”

Series 2: Goodnight Baby 宝贝睡个好觉
Can't Find the Teddy Bear 泰迪熊找不到了
Not Sleepy Yet 我还不困
My Moon 我的月亮
Super Dad 超级老爸
Goodnight Hans 睡个好觉,汉斯
Good Dream 做个美梦
Sheep and Stars 克雷克斯和星星
Ten Sleepy Bears 十只困倦小熊

Series 3 Let's Be Smarter 让我们更聪明
Old Captain's Book 老船长的迷题书
Deer’s Winter 麋鹿的冬天之谜
Game On the Road 经典旅途游戏
Change 超级变变变
Puppet Show 指偶剧“大盗里戈贝”
Penguin Game House 企鹅游戏屋
Magic Forest 魔法森林大闯关
Guess 迷你猜猜猜

Series 4: Piccasi's Adventure 皮卡西小冒险
Look For House 皮卡西找房子
Little Hero 小英雄皮卡西
Travel 皮卡西远游记
Piccasi and Stars 皮卡西和星星
Piccasi and the Spirit 皮卡西和小幽灵
Birthday Party 皮卡西的生日派对
Race 皮卡西赛跑
Picnic in the Rain 皮卡西的雨中野餐

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 24 Pages/Book, 3.95"X3.95"
Item: My Piccasi Picture Book-Set 1
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