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My First Time (8 Books) BLC345


Childhood is always fun, happy and unforgettable. In this “My First Time” series, they are telling eight different “very first time” experiences such as the first day go to school or the first day visit the beach. It will be very meaningful if your children can still remember their first time experience. Let’s ask your children share their memories with you after reading this series!Please view more details in Simplfied Chinese characters.


Book Titles:
Go to Kindergarten 上幼儿园
Learn Dancing 学舞蹈
Go to Beach 去海边
Take Airplane 坐飞机
Make Pizza 做比萨饼
Go to Farm 去农场
Stay at Hospital 住院
Make Pizza 演奏音乐

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 24 Pages/Book, 3.95"X3.95"
Item: My First Time (8 Books)
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